Apteka SlimFit™ Weight Management Dietary Supplement, All-Natural - 60 Capsules

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Product Features

Weight Management Dietary Supplement Product Features

Our Apteka SlimFit™ Weight Management Dietary Supplement 100% Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract, These are unique weight loss capsules that provide natural and healthy weight loss support.*

Product Description

Weight Management Dietary Supplement Product Description

Apteka SlimFit Weight Management Dietary Supplement is a weight management supplement formulated using only pure high quality raw, unroasted, green coffee bean powder that has been standardized to contain 50% chlorogenic acids, which contains a naturally-occurring blend of the 3, 4, and 5-caffeoylquinic acids.

The green coffee beans offer support for weight management without the jittery stimulation that can come with caffeine.*

The daily dose of Apteka SlimFit Weight Management Dietary Supplement contains less caffeine than a cup of coffee at about 15 mg to 23 mg versus the average cup of roasted coffee which contains about 100 mg to 150 mg. The coffee beans used are green. Unroasted and thus retain the naturally present antioxidants, while not concentrating the caffeine levels of roasted coffee.

The chlorogenic acids are only present in the raw green coffee bean and not in the familiar aromatic coffee bean, due to their removal during the roasting process as these acids are extremely bitter. These unique and powerful acids support healthy body weight, body fat levels, cardiovascular function, and help maintain normal blood sugar levels.


Weight Management Dietary Supplement Ingredients

Green Coffee Bean Extract (Coffea Arabica) (Seed) 800 mg

Other ingredients:
magnesium stearate
silicon dioxide
titanium dioxide.

Apteka SlimFit Weight Management Dietary Supplement contains caffeine.

Apteka SlimFit Weight Management Dietary Supplement contains NO egg, fish, peanuts, crustacean shellfish, soybeans, tree nuts, wheat, artificial colors or flavors, or preservatives.

Product Story

Weight Management Dietary Supplement Product Story

A recent study** has contributed to the sudden green coffee extract craze. The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Scranton in Scranton Pennsylvania. The study tested the effectiveness of green coffee extract to aid in weight loss among 16 participants between the ages of 22 and 46. After a 22-week study was completed, the participants were weighed once again.

Researchers found that the participants lost about 17 pounds on average. This 17 lb decrease in weight is equivalent to a 10% reduction in total body weight and 16% reduction in total fat mass. Although this study group is considered small in number, by most scientific bodies, it does lead us to see the potential of the green coffee bean extract.

Chlorogenic acid appears to block the body's ability to absorb glucose, which prevents the body from storing fat. Also, chlorogenic acid instructs the liver to start metabolizing fat deposits a faster rate than the liver normally would.

Chlorogenic acid, a polyphenol found in Green Coffee Bean, is important in plant metabolism which seems to have the same effect on humans. It has been reported to slow down the release of glucose from the liver into the blood. When glycogenolysis slows down, the body uses fat cells for energy instead of sugar. Chlorogenic acid is an active phytochemical that may affect maintenance of normal blood pressure and recent studies indicate its usefulness in supporting weight management.

**American Chemical Society (ACS). "New evidence that natural substances in green coffee beans help control blood sugar levels." ScienceDaily, 9 Apr. 2013.


Weight Management Dietary Supplement Directions

Take 2-capsules Apteka SlimFit Weight Management Dietary Supplement with a full glass of water 15-30 minutes before meal or as directed by your health care provider.

Important Safety Information

Weight Management Dietary Supplement Important Safety Information

Always consult your health care practitioner prior to starting any supplement regimen.

WARNING: KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. Consult a health care practitioner before taking if you are pregnant, lactating, taking prescription medications, or you have any existing medical condition. Discontinue use and consult your physician if any adverse reactions occur. In the case of an adverse reaction, please report this to us at (866) 278-3521.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to cure, treat, diagnose or prevent any disease.

Product Reviews

Overall Customer Rating:
5 out of 5
Cindy O.
Gender: Female
Would you recommend this to your friends? Yes
Date Reviewed: June 11, 2013
Apteka SlimFit Review
I didn’t change anything in my diet or exercise, but I lost 4 pounds. That’s awesome! However, the biggest difference that I noticed with Apteka SlimFit was my energy level. It contains less caffeine than a cup of coffee but really has helped me stay alert and not hit the 3pm wall that I usually do! My full review can be found on my Blog.
4 out of 5
Age: 46-55
Gender: Female
Would you recommend this to your friends? Yes
Date Reviewed: August 28, 2013
Healthy, natural, diet products that work!!
I am familiar with how great all the Apteka Naturel health products are so I thought I would give the weight loss products a try as well. Going through some major changes in my life, weight gain crept up on me. I needed to start back to a exercise and low-calorie eating regime. After looking through the products I found the perfect combo for me and my lifestyle. I normally do not like any diet or energy products, they make me feel jittery, headachey or sick to my stomach. I have been taking one Vitality Naturel in the morning, for a boost to get me started back on my exercise program - NO shakes or jitters!! In conjunction with SlimFit (green coffee bean extract) one 15 or 20 minutes before lunch and I have been able to control my food cravings. I have lost 5 pounds in two weeks with out even trying!! I look forward to getting on a regular workout and diet program to see what kind of results I will get, I will keep you posted!! Thanks again, Apteka for taking the time and care to make healthy, natural, diet products that work!!
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