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We'd like to welcome you to the home of Apteka Naturel and Magic Nutrition. As you can see, we don't have thousands of products on our shelves. We're not a national chain of "big box" drug stores or supplement stores, such as CVS®, Vitamin Shoppe®, GNC®, etc.

Apteka Naturel carefully hand picks the best of the best products that are natural and which have ingredients; exotic and generally from the far reaches of the planet such as; Nepal, East India, Siberia, the Amazon Rain Forest and Vietnam. For instance, our essential oils are 100% Certified Organic and are painstakingly processed to preserve their incredible essence.Our supplements are unique and sometimes breakthrough, such as our Cardio Naturel™ Heart Health Supplement,the first genuine product of its kind in the United States.

Magic Nutrition is a Health and Wellness Company that specializes in bringing the mind and the body together through great tasting, nutritious foods and beverages. Magic Nutrition's products support mental health and overall wellness. The new MagicMind™ focus enhancing beverage is designed to work with Magic Nutrition's protein shakes, BC’s Magic Powder and the vegan brand Yip•pea!

At the same time, we believe in preserving Mother Earth and supporting our veterans, and we will be contributing a portion of our proceeds to green-initiative projects around the world as well as veteran-related causes such as Folds of Honor. If you know of a worthy one, let us know about it...we'll talk!

Come participate in our Forums where you'll meet interesting folks who share your love of natural products, and be sure to tune into our BLOG for some of the most interesting information you'll find anywhere.

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