Blog Monthly Archives: December 2012

Good People, Good Training = Happy Customers!

by Neil Evans •

Apteka Naturel has teamed up with Central Communications of Riverside, California, to handle its  24X7 order taking and Customer Service to make it as convenient for you as we can. We selected Central Communications above many other companies for... Continue reading →

Chlorella vulgaris??

by Dale Kiefer •

Chlorella vulgaris is a type of single-cell green algae. This edible microalgae has gained significant attention in recent years due to its purported benefits as a whole food supplement. Investigations indicate that this common freshwater algae, when taken as... Continue reading →

Eyebright Extract For Healthy Eyes

by Annette McDermott •

Eyebright (Euphrasia officinalis) is an semi-parasitic herb that is native to Europe. Many herbalists believe that an herb's physical appearance reflects which area of the body it benefits, and eyebright is no exception. The herb looks very similar to... Continue reading →

What's New and Beneficial about Argan Oil?

by Tom Lang •

Argan Oil was unknown in the US just five years ago but now there are over one-hundred personal care products on the market with it as an ingredient. Why the huge surge in demand? A beautifying secret from the... Continue reading →

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