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Good People, Good Training = Happy Customers!

by Neil Evans

Apteka Naturel has teamed up with Central Communications of Riverside, California, to handle its  24X7 order taking and Customer Service to make it as convenient for you as we can. We selected Central Communications above many other companies for a number of reasons. They are; multi-lingual, take calls 24X7, have nearly 50 agents, and do it all with U.S.-based agents...yes, we "in-source," and we love it.

As part of Apteka Nature's launch we wanted to be sure that our Customer Service folks were well trained to provide you with, well, great Customer Service, of course!

This week, Comrade Ed (our resident mad scientist) and I headed out to Riverside to train the team. We had the sessions professionally filmed by Brent, of Trick Pony Productions. We did this to be sure that the team could refresh their memories at any time, and provide training for new employees. By the way, Trick Pony has gained some fame as having shot the footage of the marriage scene in the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

Anyway, Ed and I went through the products in detail with the group so they could understand the uses of the products and so they could guide you when you have questions.

Here's a little pictorial on the day's work...enjoy!

So, here's Brent filming the training session...probably not as much fun as the "Real Housewives," but he thought it was very

And here is a small part of the Central Communications team, eager to learn more about Apteka Naturel's great great smily bunch of folks...BTW, no, that's not a Mayan calendar on the wall...and, we're still all here! Yay!

Here's agent Michelle helping a customer on the Apteka Naturel Web site...

And, lastly, here is John, Central Communications' fearless leader, hard at work with a client on the phone. John has a great deal of experience in call center operations, and built the company from busy, nice guy!


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