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The Making of an eCommerce Web Site...

by Neil Evans

Maybe you've been pondering; "How do these folks build these Web sites?"

Well, I'll tell you, it is a lot of work. For instance, let's just talk about the product shots we have on Apteka Naturel. I'm pretty good at photography and I tried shooting them myself. I just could not get the lighting was frustrating, to say the least.

I finally broke down and tapped my California buddies Rod Foster and Dave Corey. These two gents are absolute pros and have lots of magazine work to their credit...including Beverly Hills Lifestyle, and Pilates Style.

So here's how the initial shoot went...I'm taking the pictures of the picture-takers. Enjoy!

Here's Rod busily setting up the equipment. This all revolves around a gigantic, specially-designed lighting table they use strictly for product photography. This thing is bigger than your living room couch.














While Rod is fussing with the lighting, Dave is directing him by looking at the product in the camera lens. They're concentrating on not just eliminating shadows, but utilizing their lighting to gently highlight the subject to give it some realism and depth.


Next, Rod takes the helm,  and studies the test shots to find the settings of all the lights and mirrors and reflectors to get the desired effect when the flashes flash.


So, you can see Rod's intensity as he goes for the gold in the final, final shots. Now that he's happy with the lighting, reflections, etc. he will set up all the products, one by one on the table, and shoot away...hours of work, well done.


You can see Dave's work at:, and Rod's at:

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