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What's New and Beneficial about Argan Oil?

by Tom Lang

Argan Oil was unknown in the US just five years ago but now there are over one-hundred personal care products on the market with it as an ingredient.

Why the huge surge in demand? A beautifying secret from the deserts of Morocco has reached the US (and around the world).

Cosmetic and Medicinal Uses

Even in the incredibly harsh, sun-baked and windy deserts of Morocco the local women have healthy, beautiful shiny hair and lovely skin. They remain beautiful into their later years because each day they brush a few drops of Argan oil into their hair and onto their skin to protect the elasticity, moisture and nourishment.

Here at home you can use Argan oil to beautify your hair, skin, reduce blemishes and stretch marks.

Baby’s delicate skin benefits from Argan oil and helps to prevent “cradle cap.”

Argan oil is also used medicinally to treat rheumatism, healing of burns, juvenile acne, scars left by acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Scientific studies show that Argan oil is rich in a variety of essential fatty acids and Vitamin E to help rejuvenate hair and skin.

Argan oil may also be useful as a nutritional supplement to assist in weight loss.

Three Quick and Easy Steps to Having the Best Possible Skin

  1. Argan oil is light, penetrates the skin quickly and never leaves a greasy residue behind. Gently massage a few drops of Argan oil onto your face and neck.
  1. Use a warm, moist face-cloth with an exfoliant to remove the day’s make-up and grime from your face and neckline.
  1. Gently pat dry with a clean, soft towel. Feel the difference….for the final step apply just a few more drops of pure Argan oil - now you’re ready for a beautiful nights sleep.

First thing in the morning simply repeat these three steps.

Following the three easy steps will help to give you a beautiful, natural base. Whether your choice is au natural or using concealer, your friends will want to know what’s making you look so good!

Make Life Magical!