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No Deer Were Harmed in the Making of This Web Site!

by Neil Evans

Deer antler velvet is most certainly a rare and unusual ingredient for a supplement, but as you've likely read in our Vitality Naturel™ product description, it has many great benefits.

The majority of commercial natural products are obtained from plants or other "inanimate" sources such as mineral extracts and other various origins. This is where deer antler velvet extract, the main ingredient in Vitality Naturel, differs greatly from the aforementioned. Mainly, the deer antler velvet is derived from healthy, living deer whose antlers are clipped in order to obtain them in their pristine state, preserving all the beneficial properties of this "magical" ingredient. Quite understandably, one of the most frequently asked questions people ask about Vitality Naturel is exactly how these velvet antlers are obtained, and how harmful this procedure is for the deer.

The good news is that this process is done in such a way that the deer is not harmed in any way. Velvet antlers are only the tips of the antlers which have not yet calcified and are still in the form of cartilage.

Here is how the process is done:

The deer are selected for the pronounced antlers required for the harvesting. The target deer are pampered as much as possible with the most beneficial living circumstances in which they will thrive...sort of the "kobe" beef concept. They are given ocean-view condos, drink fine brandy, and each given keys to a new BMW SUV (JUST KIDDING). This will have a positive effect on their antlers too! The "pruning" process is either performed or supervised by a veterinarian or a farmer who has been certified to conduct the procedure.

The stag is administered a sedative to relax and relieve the animal of any stress, not to mention protect the person performing the "clipping" procedure. ..try clipping a deer's nails sometime...A local anesthetic is also given to the animal to prevent any pain from being experienced. I don't know if they get a massage too, but it's possible...

Once the tips of the antlers are harvested, the animal is set free. It only takes a month or two for the antler to recover to its previous state. The deer generally head to Hollywood, party, come back in a month or two...they enjoy the good life.

Seriously though, these animals are not harmed and this is a sustainable process...pardon my silly sense of humor...just couldn't help it! I know the animal rights activists are going to pee on my lawn anyway...ouch! Please know that we LOVE animals. We have dogs, birds, fish and rats (Stanley and Roger)!!  smiley

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