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The Health Benefits of Diosmin

by Annette McDermott

What is Diosmin?

Diosmin is a natural ingredient derived from hesperidin, a flavonoid glycoside.  Flavonoid glycosides are naturally-occurring substances that give some plants their yellow-orange color. Most disomic comes from hesperidin that has been extracted from citrus fruits (commonly the peels of sweet oranges).

Diosmin is primarily used to treat vein and circulatory system disorders. Due to its beneficial effects, diosmin is offered as a prescription drug in some areas of Europe but remains an herbal supplement in the United States.

Diosmin for Overall Vein Health

Healthy veins and good circulation are critical to good health. Unfortunately, as we grow older veins often become weaker. This is most often due to aging, certain lifestyle behaviors (smoking, being sedentary, and/or being overweight), and genetics. Some studies show that diosmin may be beneficial in treating common vein ailments due to its high concentration of flavonoids. The flavonoids are believed to strengthen the circulatory system by increasing venous tone, decreasing inflammation, and protecting capillaries.

Diosmin to Treat Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are one of the most common and most annoying venous problems. They're caused when vein walls become weak allowing blood to pool. This pooling causes bulging and creates a varicose vein. While some varicose veins are simply an eyesore, others are extremely painful and can lead to serious complications such as deep vein thrombosis (a blood clot). It's believed that diosmin's ability to improve vascular tone may help reduce or even prevent uncomfortable varicose vein symptoms such as swelling, pain, and heaviness.

Diosmin to Treat Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are basically varicose veins located in a very unfortunate place. They occur when pressure is exerted on the veins that surround the anus (due to straining during a bowel movement, childbirth/pregnancy, or bowel problems), causing them to swell. Hemorrhoids are known to cause bleeding (sometimes severe), and tortuous pain. Because of its positive effects on vein health, diosmin may help prevent and treat hemorrhoids.

Diosmin May Treat Other Common Ailments

In addition to treating vein and circulatory problems, diosmin may also be beneficial in treating other health conditions. NYU Langone Medical Center's website states that studies show that a combination of diosmin and hesperidin helped decrease nosebleeds and bruising in some people with fragile capillaries. The website also cites studies showing that people who eat the highest number of flavonoid-rich foods may significantly lower risk of lung cancer.

Side Effects and Safety of Diosmin

NYU Lagone's website states that diosmin is considered non-toxic and appears to be safe. There are some indications that caution should be taken when taking diosmin with calcium channel blockers or blood thinners. As always, before using any alternative therapy (especially if you're pregnant or breast feeding), you should consult your doctor or medical professional.

The flavonoid properties of diosmin offer many potential health benefits, particularly for the legs. Using diosmin, especially in conjunction with healthy lifestyle behaviors such as regular exercise, not smoking, and eating a healthy diet, may help improve vein and circulatory function and relieve uncomfortable symptoms.

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