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A Necessary Trio for Your Long-Term Health Plan - Triad Series Part 2

by Nikki Seay

Exercise, proper diet and supplementation we call: the sacred triad. They each work individually to improve specific body functions, but when used together on a consistent basis…they work to increase overall long-term health. Why are all three parts of the triad necessary? Keep reading to find out. 


Most people know that a regular exercise routine is suggested for living healthy. Nevertheless, do you really know why exercise is so important? Naturally, regular exercise helps people lose weight; but it also offers many other beneficial reasons to incorporate some kind of activity into a daily routine. 

Regular exercise has many benefits. It reduces depression and lifts moods, as exercising makes the brain produce endorphins, also known as feel-good hormones. No matter how blue someone feels before exercising, he or she is usually feeling better by the end of a good workout. Exercise also helps promote quality sleep. The physical activity ensures that the body and mind are prepared for a good night of deep sleep. 

Another benefit from exercising is a decrease in overall stress levels. Stresses of the day begin to diminish as people concentrate on the workout. Combined with the brain’s production of endorphins, stress and anxiety levels decrease. Exercise also improves mental focus and clarity. Research shows that people who regularly exercise have a decreased chance of developing Alzheimer’s and dementia. 


A healthy and completely balanced diet helps keep the body strong and able to fight off illness. It keeps the mind sharp and creates a sense of overall well being. Eating the right foods simply helps the body to function better. When the diet is poor, the whole body suffers. 

  • Some Basic Effects of the Diet

A healthy balanced diet is one that includes foods from each the food groups. Foods containing saturated fats or trans-fats raise cholesterol levels and are not healthy. When a body does not receive enough calcium, it is forced to take what it needs from within the bone. When this situation happens multiple times, the bones eventually become thin, weak and brittle. In addition, a healthy, balanced diet can help people prevent the formation of diabetes. 


Dietary supplement information can often be confusing. Many people find it hard to understand which supplements offer real health benefits and which worthless. By learning about vitamins and dietary supplements, people are able to make smart individual choices for overall health. 

Vitamins and minerals are simply micronutrients that serve a very specific purpose, benefitting the body in unique ways. For example, vitamin A supports both vision and bone growth, but vitamin E boosts the immune system and repairs DNA. Clearly, both vitamins offer very different benefits to the body systems.

One thing that is vital to understand is that taking vitamins or supplements does not make up for an unhealthy diet. In fact, vitamins are a poor substitute for the nutrients obtained from eating fresh fruits, vegetables and grains. When the body experiences a vitamin and/or mineral deficiency, it severely impairs the body’s ability to heal or protect itself from damage. However, taking a general multivitamin and quality mineral supplement is a solid safeguard against sporadic vitamin deficiencies in the everyday diet. 

Sacred Triad Benefits

When the body gets equal amounts of exercise, proper diet and supplementation, it begins to run like a well-oiled machine. However, as stated above, if one element of the triad is neglected or thought unimportant, the body begins to suffer in very specific ways. Learning how to keep the sacred triad balanced and working toward that goal can literally make the difference between life and death.

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