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To DHA, or not to DHA…is it even a real question?

by Dr. Michael Coppola

I meet people in my practice on a daily basis that are in looking for relief from aches and pains.  Some are looking for help with digestive difficulties.  Others are looking for relief from hot flashes and insomnia.  And the gifted are looking to stay healthy and full of vitality.   

Clinically, I have seen improvements in all of these conditions with the increase of Omega 3 fatty acids to the patients diet.  DHA is one of the omega 3 fatty acids.  It is abundant in fish, and now available in vegan/vegetarian form, as a food supplement in highly concentrated form. 

Scientifically, it is easy to understand why.  Each of our cells is surrounded and protected by a phospho-lipid layer.  This barrier allows specific nutrients to pass into the cells, and for toxins and by-products to escape the cell.  Fatty acids make up this barrier, and having enough in our diet ensures the proper function of this barrier.  When this barrier is healthy, all forms of metabolism and healing can function at the most effective levels. 

DHA is a natural anti-inflammatory.  It works by stimulating our own health, rather than masking the symptoms.  I have seen it effective against aches and pains.  I have also seen it useful in auto immune diseases in where inflammation triggers other health concerns, such as Crone's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.  Sometimes it takes more.  A doctor should be consulted for treatment options for these conditions.

Our nervous system is made up of fatty acids, including DHA.  Increasing the levels of DHA in our diet has been shown effective in treating disorders of the nervous system, including ADHD.  I have seen Mother's cry in gratitude over witnessing the changes in their children's behavior by just adding some DHA to their diet.  Sometimes it takes more.  Low levels of DHA have been linked to Alzheimer's, reduced cognitive function, and depression.

DHA is a powerful tool to combat heart disease.  It has an effect of reducing triglycerides.  Because of it's anti-inflammatory properties, it also aids in circulation and improves overall cardio- vascular health.

Along with zinc and other minerals, DHA helps with the synthesis and metabolism of hormones.  Hot flashes, insomnia, and even fertility concerns have been solved with just the simple addition of DHA.  Sometimes it takes more. 

As I mentioned before, most DHA comes from fish, making it unacceptable for vegetarians to take, but you can purchase vegan/vegetarian Omega 3 from Apteka Naturel made from highly-purified seaweed.

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