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Lavender Oil, The Wonders of it All...

by Robynn Lin

When considering what to write about for my blog, I knew right away that I had to tell you about my enduring love of Lavender Essential Oil. If I were limited to only one oil, this would be it and personally, I don’t think any home should be without it!
Again, let me briefly remind you (if you’ve not read my previous blog on the purity of oils, go do so!), a lavender “scented-oil” and an “essential oil” are two radically different things and can NOT be used interchangeably. The pure, unadulterated essential oil is the very essence of a plant and can be used for medicinal AND feel-good purposes. It’s aroma is soft, sweet and is capable of releasing particular chemicals within the brain resulting in relaxation, pain relief, mood enhancer, etc - which is where the term Aromatherapy comes from. Wherein a lab-made “scent” is capable of bringing about harm or allergies if used incorrectly.
Okay, to the good stuff! A therapeutic quality essential Lavender oil, is made from the flowers of the plant by steam distillation and is considered volatile meaning that it is vaporous and turns to gas quickly - absorbing into the air or into the skin. Lavender is known to be antiviral, anti-fungal, antiseptic/disinfectant, anti-inflammatory, relieves muscle tension, speeds healing, prevents/reduces scarring, relaxes brain waves & reduces stress, anti-depressant, circulatory stimulant, mild sedative & insomnia aid, stimulates the immune system and has soothing & calming properties. It can ease headaches and help with digestion, calm & deter bug bites, and makes a great deodorant! Whew, there’s a lot! Oh, and it also makes your room smell really, really good!!
So how can you put this incredible aroma to its full therapeutic use? Here are just a few awesome ways...
•Use in your bath water! This is amazing for relaxation, stress and even tired muscles! It has also been shown to benefit circulation. Use 6-8 drops into your bath water, sit back and enjoy!

•Massage! Combine 10-15 drops into 8 ounces of your favorite carrier oil (I personally like Rose Hip) and let someone else rub away the tension while you relax and breathe in!

•Make a compress by combining 6-8 drops of Lavender essential oil into a bowl of cool water (8 ounces). Soak a cloth in the bowl, squeeze out the excess water and apply! This is great for headaches, tired eyes, sunburns, to rejuvenate the skin and so much more!

•For great sleep, place just 2-3 drops on your pillow case, close your eyes and dream of lavender fields!

•For eczema, dermatitis, scarring, bug bites, burns, etc., mix several drops of Lavender essential oil with rose hip, olive or coconut oil and use topically.

•As a deodorant, I like puring a very small amount of Tamanu oil (absorbs quickly) in my hands, add 2-3 drops of lavender and tea tree essential oils, rub my hands together and apply under arms! That’s it! Just be sure to not use too much oil or you’ll feel slippery for a while! I’ll also use that same combination as a full body moisturizing oil after my shower or bath.

•For your home seems more stressed in the afternoon when everyone is running around, use a couple drops of lavender in a diffuser. Plug-in varieties are also available for your car!
There are dozens and dozens of more applications for Lavender! Not even mentioning placing in your favorite unscented lotion or as a room freshener! It would take me all day to write it out...and you all day to read it! But this is a great place to get started!
While pure, essential Lavender oil can be used “neat” (without a carrier), it is always suggested that you use a carrier for safety. Therapeutic oils are strong and are medicinal. Without the guidance of a trained Aromatherapist, there is always the possibility of creating a reaction or sensitivity to any oil. It is always better to err of the side of safety.
And while Lavender is known for it’s relaxing properties, if used too can cause an opposite effect. For example, I had a friend use, successfully, Lavender on his sheets to help him sleep more deeply. He was so thrilled with the results that he began drinking lavender tea, using lavender in all of his skin care products, lavender deodorant and as a room freshener! The result...anxiety! With anything natural, you usually apply a yin/yang theory...too much yin can become yang and vice versa. Natural sources are strong, we just don’t often realize their strength because it is very gradual and easy on our body! Respect the oil, respect your body and essential oils will become your favorite (and maybe most reliable) source of therapy!
As I mentioned, Lavender essential oil - in a therapeutic grade, is my fave oil of all time and my go-to oil! If you are not yet taking full advantage of this amazing plant, I encourage you to try it WILL be hooked!

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