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Apteka Naturel Television Interviews

by Neil Evans

Neil Evans (Apteka Operations/Marketing) and Ed Grinblat (Apteka Sourcing/Manufacturing) were honored to join in on a panel hosted by notable Kathryn Raaker of "Born B464" television fame. The subject of the panel was "The issues surrounding men's aging." The interview was shot on location in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, CA.

Also joining in on the panel were two rather famous guests, Dr. Dan Kenner, notable Naturopathic doctor, and someone you might recognize from movie and television fame, Mr. Joe who does he look like??  :-) 

The panel discussed many of the issues related to men's aging, for instance; prostate issues, erectile dysfunction, weight control, proper diet and supplementation. The show will air in a few weeks, nationally.

In addition, Neil and Ed joined Dr. Kenner on the taping of his own show, the Dr. Dan Kenner show, nationally broadcast. Dr. Kenner was very interested in Apteka Naturel's line of problem-solving all-natural dietary supplements, especially the company's newest product; EstroAide Naturel for menopausal symptom relief. Also, Dr. Kenner was excited to talk about our IntimAct Naturel product for male enhancement support. Apteka will be releasing this all-natural, herbal product in a few weeks...stand by. We can tell you that the "white mice" are very, very happy with this product!

Left to right in the photo above: Dr. Dan Kenner, Ed Grinblat, Joe Estevez, Kathryn Raaker, Neil Evans.

You can learn more about these notables at their Web sites:

Kathryn Raaker: and

Dr. Dan Kenner:

Joe Estevez:

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