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Myth-Busting Chiropractic

by Dr. Kyle Brooks

Over the last few decades chiropractic has become more mainstream as our society has become more informed about making healthy lifestyle choices.  With the rise in people choosing to become patients of chiropractic the more it has been talked about and shared amongst peer groups.  Chiropractic has even been main topics on television shows such as Dr. Oz.  Even with more publicity potential chiropractic patients generally come into the doctors office with positive expectations but also come in with misinformation, lack of information and probably a little bit of both.  My goal here is to inform the public of what chiropractors do and why patients are successful. 

Chiropractic is not some form of “alternative medicine” or way of treating certain conditions or diseases.  It is a completely different approach of looking at the body and health.  Most people know that a chiropractor never prescribe drugs, perform surgery or other medical procedures.  This is not an issue of whether those approaches work or not.  These are simply ways of treating a symptom.  My purpose as a chiropractor is not to treat symptoms but rather find, reduce and ideally eliminate the underlying cause of a person’s symptoms. 

As a chiropractor I have been referred to as a back doctor, spine doctor, bone popper and even a crack dealer!  This however is far from the truth but I can see how people might view chiropractors this way because our society has been raised on the ideal of going to the eye doctor for eye problems, the foot doctor for foot problems and so on. The only reason chiropractors approach the spine for treatment is because it houses the nervous system which is our main concern.  

Together the spine and nervous system control and coordinates every cell, tissue, organ and organ system in your entire body and adapts it to its environment.  A chiropractors job is to find any interferences in the nervous system and to correct them because if there are interferences in the nervous system then whatever is at the end of the affected nerve is simply not going to function properly.  For instance, a patient may come into the office with back pain and fail to mention they also suffer from high blood pressure or indigestion and after treatment these symptoms have resolved.  This is because the nerves going to the heart or digestive tract had interferences in them which were corrected by delivering a specific adjustment and allowing the nervous system to perform to it’s fullest capabilities.  

The human body was designed to take care of itself.  We were not born with a lack of aspirin or pepto bismol in our system.  People use these drugs as a means to mask the symptoms they are having and do nothing to resolve the underlying cause of why a person is having these symptoms in the first place.  Symptoms only arise when the body is not functioning properly.  If any kind of symptoms present themselves it is a sign that your nervous system is not functioning properly.  So instead of covering up the problem with drugs it would be a good idea to see a chiropractor and have them check for signs of irritation or interferences in the nervous system.  The chiropractor is highly skilled in detecting nervous system dysfunction and will tell you whether chiropractic treatment is the right choice for you.

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