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Eucalyptus Globulus

by Robynn Lin

Have you ever felt like you needed to clear your mind? I’m doing it right now with my Eucalyptus Oil, heating in a candle diffuser and let me tell ya, it’s fantastic!

I’ve been a fan of Eucalyptus Oil for many years for it’s awakening and energizing effect as well as opening the sinuses. But recently, I’ve learned a whole new appreciation for this wondrous essential oil. But before I get into any of that, let me introduce you to this earthy gem.

The oil comes from the leaves of the tall green eucalyptus tree and is extracted via steam distillation, giving us a scent that is clean, woodsy and a bit medicinal.

We know today that Eucalyptus Globulus is anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, a decongestant, deodorizing, antiseptic, antibacterial, stimulating, analgesic, a vasodilator and, my recent finding, a natural pesticide!!!  This is one of the reasons I so love essential oils! Straight from Mother Nature’s pharmacy with so many benefits when used wisely!

While no essential oil should be used “neat” or undiluted (these oils are very strong, like medicine, and can create a sensitivity, a burn or a rash...keep out of the hands of little ones!), combining Eucalyptus with a carrier oil can be used in multiple scenarios. Personally, I like diluting it with coconut oil, argan or rosehip oils. The accepted ratio is 2% essential oil to the carrier...or 12 drops essential oil to 1 ounce carrier.

With this mixture, use it on wounds to prevent infection and speed healing; rub on muscles and joints for pain relief; rub it on the chest and back for respiratory problems including sinusitis to asthma; massage it into the skin to help reduce fevers and stimulate the immune system; combine it with rose-water as a bug repellent on your skin or regular water for your plants and animals; add a small drop to your tooth-paste for dental hygiene; inhale it through your favorite diffuser to help wake you up and stimulate your creativity; combine it with your shampoo to reinvigorate your scalp or get rid of a headache!  The uses are many!

As I mentioned, I recently discovered how great Eucalyptus Oil is as a natural pesticide. We have been having a terrible time with bugs eating our herbs outside as well as pesky little fleas on our dogs. Spraying them (both the plants and the dogs) really helps tremendously! Be cautious though, spraying your dogs, because you don’t want them to lick the oil or they could get sick from it. On bug bites, I’ll often combine the essential oils Eucalyptus, Lavender and Chamomile with aloe gel and/or coconut oil, apply to the bite and (for the dogs) wrap the area so they can’t lick for at least an hour or so. No, they’re not happy while bandaged...but it helps heal the bite quickly without them chewing on it! Tough love, I know, but to me it’s better than letting it get infected by them licking and chewing! By the way, this works perfectly for us humans too!! Spray your exposed areas before going outside and the mosquitoes will keep their distance!

I encourage everyone to keep Eucalyptus Oil in their medicine cabinet, whether to help unstuff your nose, clear your mind, or to use’s one of those power oils that once you use it, you won’t be able to live without it!

Make Life Magical!