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Chiropractic Comes To El Salvador - Part 2

by Dr. Kyle Brooks

Medical care in El Salvador is still far behind most of the world. The hospitals lack much of the necessary supplies needed for proper care and diagnosis of certain conditions. With the lack of necessary equipment the El Salvadorian people often go without proper care and treatment regularly. When the locals heard American doctors were coming to treat them for free, they came presenting with many different conditions. I saw more in those four days than most chiropractors see in the states throughout their entire careers. Some of the most memorable included a man who could not hear unless you yelled in his ear, he was adjusted 3 different times over the course of an hour. After his adjustments he was having normal conversation with his wife. Upon leaving the man and his wife thanked us gave us all hugs and both left with tears of joy in their eyes. One young man was treated who was hit by a car at a young age and his hips were not at his sides but twisted about 45 degrees so that it looked like his hips were where his stomach should have been. Another man had been seeing double for almost a year. A  major misalignment was located in his upper neck.  After his adjustment it took about ten minutes but his eyes began to focus and his double vision completely disappeared. Another man I treated had massive pitting scars all over his abdomen from doctors doing exploratory surgery searching for something that wasn’t there. This man was cut open dug around in and sewn back up with nothing found or resolved. It was definitely an eye opening experience and I am more thankful now for the expertise and equipment that are available to us here in the states.

With all of the crazy things we all saw on this trip we could not nor did we have the equipment or expertise to treat everyone to the extent that was needed but we were able to help many with so many issues from what you have just read to simple musculoskeletal issues. The appreciation we all received from the locals was overwhelming and erased all preconceived expectations of the people and the country of El Salvador. We received many hugs, baked goods and invitations to locals homes for dinner. The whole experience was amazing, I honed my adjusting skills by adjusting over two hundred people with a wide variety of issues in only four days and experienced on a personal level the loving and gracious people of El Salvador. That trip left a long lasting impression on me, so much so that in February of 2013 I moved to El Salvador and established a chiropractic clinic in the heart of San Salvador the countries capital. Today the clinic Pura Vida Centro Quiropractico, is still up and running and I often wish I was still there. Living in El Salvador provided me with even more experiences like the ones I experienced on my short visit there and I was able to travel all over the country and immerse myself in the culture. I cannot wait to return and visit all of my friends that I made while living there.

This blog was more of a story but by adjusting people who do not have access to proper medical care or chiropractic care and seeing how well they responded just shows the power of the body and it’s ability to heal itself when the nervous system is functioning without interference. So remember to be grateful for what we have available to us here in the states and get adjusted!

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