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Magic Nutrition & Apteka Naturel Support the Earth, Our Veterans and Their Families

by Neil Evans

IMHO, it is our responsibility to help those who serve our country and allow us to live in a free society. Are we perfect, of course not, but me, I love America, and I hope you do too. 

The companies and staff of both Apteka Naturel and Magic Nutrition are big into supporting charitable organizations, especially when it comes to our vets...they have given so much. We are also big on preserving the environment and support environmental preservation initiatives. That's why we fulfill our products from the "greenest" fulfillment center in the U.S.

Give some thought to freedom and to planet earth - both irreplaceable! Support your favorite charity...I believe that; what goes around comes around!

Our faves are Folds of Honor, Wounded Warrior Project, Hero's Voices and Greenfinity...what are yours? Got a great charity, let us know.

Have a great day!

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