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Nutritional drink brings Magic into focus


ERLANGER – Alan Mackinder and Bob Carl realize that finding complete balanced nutrition can be tricky, but they found the answer is Magic.
They started Magic Nutrition in 2011, combining Mackinder's marketing skills and Carl's family business, Dixie Dew Products, which has manufactured a variety of food-related products since the 1930s.
MagicMind, a 2-ounce nutritional drink, is available on the Magic Nutrition website,, but soon will hit store shelves.
Mackinder, the company's president, said the product features a proprietary standardized extract of sceletium, which was used as early as the 16th century and published studies show use of the extract produce reports of improved mood, anxiety, energy and focus.
"We're talking about a complete nutritional program for the mind and body," said Carl. "Diet and nutrition programs ignore the mind-body connection. They only talk about calories, but if your mind can control urges and fears, you're better off because your body knows how to function."
MagicMind's nutritional information shows it includes 1 gram of sugar, zero fat and cholesterol, 5 milligrams of sodium and two grams of carbohydrates, along with 25 percent of the recommended daily allowance of vitamins A, B, B6, B12, C, D and E, biotin, copper, folate, iodine, niacin, pantothenic acid and zinc.

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