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The Start of Magic Nutrition

by Alan Mackinder

While attending a physical therapy secession Bob Carl was recommended to take a variety of supplements to maximize the recovery after knee surgery. The supplements were designed to help build muscle and speed up the metabolism. The purpose was to lose fat and gain muscle to help rebuild damaged muscle and prevent future injuries through weight loss. Bob’s dissatisfaction with the supplements offered were that they all contained artificial colors, artificial flavors and were generally sweetened with aspartame. Plus all the products used dairy proteins, which have a small window of effectiveness. Bob had a much better plan and brought me his “Magic Powder”. We hit it off and we knew that this was something great. Our general vision for the products were in line and Bob had something else up his sleeve to bring to the table... It got even better!

Bob fed me as much information as he could and I taught Bob my marketing strategies for rolling out the product. We worked great as a team researching and putting the pieces together and then we discovered something amazing... MagicMind™ Focus Enhancer and our Yip•pea!™ Vegan Protein Shakes worked great together. We created a complete nutritional diet that helps balance stress and improve nutrition. This allows the brain and the body to work together by helping reduce stress and provide better nutrients going to the brain to help provide physical and mental energy using natural products. 

We hope to bring strength to our customers by promoting individuality and self awareness around health, fitness, personal relationships and education while listening to some amazing music to stay motivated and inspired.

Make Life Magical!

Alan Mackinder 

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Make Life Magical!