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Annette McDermott is a freelance natural health and beauty writer and children's author.

Annette grew up learning from grandparents who grew and preserved their own foods, used herbal remedies, and lived a simple life. She's extensively researched holistic health and beauty options, and taken coursework on natural health and healing. After holding positions that exposed her to business writing (working as a Human Resources Professional for JP Morgan for over ten years, and as the Kindermusik director at a local music store), Annette decided to combine her corporate business writing experience with her love of living an organic lifestyle by becoming a natural health and beauty freelancer.

When not writing about all things natural, Annette is usually writing stories for children. She's a graduate of The Institute of Children’s Literature’s basic course, Writing for Children and Teenagers, and their advanced (by invitation only) course, Writing for Magazine Markets. She's also an SCBWI member.

Her most recent children’s Christmas story, “Colin’s Choice,” is in the December, 2012 edition of Pockets, and her inspirational children’s story, “Finding Jesus,” is appearing soon in Bread for God’s Children.

To learn more about Annette, visit her blog at or her writer's website at


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The Surprising Versatility of Clove Bud Oil

by Annette McDermott •

The rich, spicy scent of cloves is often associated with holiday baking and mulled cider but clove bud oil has a wide variety of uses from aromatherapy to relieving toothache symptoms. Clove bud oil comes from dried clove buds... Continue reading →

Amazing Benefits of Tamanu Oil

by Annette McDermott •

Tamanu oil, also commonly called domba or dilo oil, comes from the tamanu nut tree native to Polynesia and South East Asia.  These trees produce a small, yellow fruit that contains a large nut (also called a seed). Within... Continue reading →

The Health Benefits of Diosmin

by Annette McDermott •

What is Diosmin? Diosmin is a natural ingredient derived from hesperidin, a flavonoid glycoside.  Flavonoid glycosides are naturally-occurring substances that give some plants their yellow-orange color. Most disomic comes from hesperidin that has been extracted from citrus fruits (commonly... Continue reading →

Eyebright Extract For Healthy Eyes

by Annette McDermott •

Eyebright (Euphrasia officinalis) is an semi-parasitic herb that is native to Europe. Many herbalists believe that an herb's physical appearance reflects which area of the body it benefits, and eyebright is no exception. The herb looks very similar to... Continue reading →

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