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Born in New Jersey (greater New York) and raised primarily in Northern Kentucky (greater Cincinnati), Dale Kiefer graduated from the University of Kentucky with a B.S. in Biological Sciences. He lived in beautiful horse country, in Lexington, Kentucky, for a number of years. For more than a decade, he worked at the University of Kentucky Medical Center. There he obtained certification as a clinical chemist (c(ASCP)) and met his future wife, Bonnie, after sharing a mutual skydiving adventure.


Dale has been an avid whitewater kayaker, downhill skier, Scuba diver, and distance swimmer. For the past two decades, Dale has enjoyed in-line skating for outdoor exercise, logging more than a thousand miles per year. The highlight of Dale’s life so far—the birth of his two boys—took place in Lexington. Dale returned to college to obtain a minor in Journalism, and eventually left the laboratory to launch a successful freelance writing career.


The Kiefer family subsequently lived in greater Pittsburgh, and then greater New York(New Jersey, again), before moving to Indianapolis, Indiana, where they currently reside. For more than a decade, Dale has specialized in writing about science, medicine, health and nutrition. Dale enjoys travel, yoga, photography, singing and learning. Although he speaks some French and Portuguese, his boys are far more fluent in French than he.


For the past few years, Dale’s career has focused on helping others improve their health through better nutrition and a healthier lifestyle. He has ghostwritten and/or edited manuscripts for several books on disease prevention through a more healthful lifestyle, and hopes to continue this vital work. Recently, Dale has become intrigued by the healing potential of time spent outdoors. He finds it fascinating that his mother’s wisdom, exemplified by constant admonitions to “get out and get some fresh air,” has been validated by emerging research, which shows that aromatic compounds released by trees and other plants in nature directly impact health, immunity and wellness. And natural vitamin D, from exposure to sunshine, doesn’t hurt, either! Thanks, Mom.


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