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Dan Kenner, PhD, LAc., is a writer and consultant in alternative health care with 30 years of clinical experience in both Oriental and Naturopathic Medicine. He is author of Botanical Medicine: A European Professional Perspective (Paradigm, 1996), AHCC – The Japanese Medicinal Mushroom Immune Enhancer (Woodland, 2001) and the forthcoming Treatment of Infections Without Antibiotics (Holodigm, 2009), Whole-Body Healing for Cancer Recovery: Seven Steps to Support Treatment, Boost Immunity, and Build Better Health (New Harbinger, 2009) and Planning Longevity (Trédaniel, 2009). He is licensed to practice Oriental Medicine both in Japan and the U.S. and has a Ph.D. in Naturopathic Medical Science from First National University of Naturopathic Medical Sciences. film and video documentation of alternative medical breakthroughs from around the world. Dan is on the Board of Governors of the National Health Federation, the oldest health freedom organization in the U.S. He is also profiled on the website at

He has recently been consulting in development of spas and integrative medical clinics in Germany and the Netherlands. His other consulting projects include preparing educational training programs and writing books on treatment of infections, innovative diagnostic and therapeutic methodologies, innovative product technologies, new product development, and development of alternative health care clinics.

He has lectured widely on a variety of topics for professional and general audiences. Some of the professional audiences include Tokyo University Medical School, Osaka University Medical School, the A4M Anti-Aging Conference and Exposition, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Sonoma State University, University of California Berkeley Department of Public Health, New York Open Center, New England School of Acupuncture, Anglo-Dutch School of Oriental Medicine, the Seeds of Change Conference, the Society for Acupuncture Research, First National University of Naturopathic Medicine, Bastyr College of Naturopathic Medicine and others.

Dr. Kenner travels frequently and collects written material, especially material from books, monographs, journals in Japanese, French and German, that has not appeared in English. He regularly meets with doctors and researchers in an international intelligence network of leading edge professionals in alternative health care.

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