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Marcela De Vivo is an accomplished freelance writer in the Los Angeles area and the founder of Gryffin Media. She has written on everything from health & wellness, marketing, real estate, technology, and manufacturing.

Marcela is a health writer for Bellezza, a Miami spa, and yoga enthusiast whose writing encourages others to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. She personally practices yoga every day and has regular massage therapy sessions to keep her stress levels at bay. Follow her on Facebook today!


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What Causes "Spider Veins"

by Marcela De Vivo •

Spider veins most commonly appear in the thighs, calves and ankles. In some cases, they may even show up around the nose, cheeks and chin. While this condition occurs in 30 to 60-percent of the population and are more... Continue reading →

The Benefits of Complementary Medicine

by Marcela De Vivo •

People treat their medical conditions in a variety of ways. Many prefer conventional Western medicine, while others look toward alternative, holistic therapies. However, more and more people are beginning to combine Western medicine and alternative medicine, using both forms... Continue reading →

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