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Neil is a staffer for Apteka Naturel. His responsibilities include the Apteka Naturel Web site, and Apteka Naturel Operations. He hopes you'll come back soon and often. He promises that you'll always come back to lots of great products and lots of great content! He's also a big tease.

Now you can see why he left corporate life!  :-)


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Welcome to Apteka Naturel

by Neil Evans •

I'd like to personally welcome you to Apteka Naturel. As you can see, we don't have thousands of products. We're not a national chain of "big box" drug store or supplement store such as Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, etc. We... Continue reading →

Only a cave man can do it...

by Neil Evans •

You might have heard that we actually store our products in a cave... a very high-tech cave, but a real cave none the less. Why? Natural air conditioning all year round to preserve our products in the very best... Continue reading →

Apteka Naturel Television Interviews

by Neil Evans •

Neil Evans (Apteka Operations/Marketing) and Ed Grinblat (Apteka Sourcing/Manufacturing) were honored to join in on a panel hosted by notable Kathryn Raaker of " Born B464" television fame. The subject of the panel was "The issues surrounding men's aging."... Continue reading →

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