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Nikki Seay is a Tennessee-based freelance medical and natural health writer. She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from East Tennessee State University and her Nursing Degree from Tennessee Technology Center. She is also certified in Wound Care and Nutrition. She worked as a home health nurse for over six years before choosing to focus on a full-time writing and marketing career.

As Nikki grew up, she spent much of her time with grandparents who operated a large farm. She learned to plant, grow and cultivate various crops including tobacco, corn, okra, pumpkins, squash and cucumbers. Her Grandmother taught her various herbal remedies and holistic health principals that she still follows today. After establishing herself as a medical writer, she chose to incorporate her passion for natural health into her work. Today she enjoys writing about all things natural, nutritional and healthy.

When not writing, Nikki enjoys whitewater kayaking on some of the best rivers in the Southeast. When winter months come around, she can usually be found on various local ski slopes. While she is an avid skier, Nikki recently discovered a passion for snowboarding. She’s also a huge advocate for animals and animal welfare, donating time and writing services to help animal organizations and shelters around the country. Nikki absolutely adores spending time with her two happy and healthy dogs, Barley, who is 12 years old, and Bud, who is 13. Watching as both dogs reached their “senior” years, Nikki was prompted to conduct extensive research into the benefits of holistic health, natural diet and supplement administration for both people and animals.


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What You Need to Know About Orange Essential Oil

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The Many Uses of Peppermint Essential Oil

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The Wonderful Secrets of Rosehip Oil

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Tamanu Oil: A Rare and Precious Commodity

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Thousands of years ago, the natives of Tahiti found a large, strange tree growing near the ocean. They soon found that the dried nuts from this tree, which they name the "ati" tree, contained a special oil that they... Continue reading →

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