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Pearl Rothman is a San Clemente, CA based Ghostwriter.  She graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a degree in Marketing and promptly started her own technology business which she ran for ten years.  After that she decided to see what the corporate world was all about and worked for Xerox Corporation for six years consulting on high-end technology solutions.  

Just after the September 11 terrorist attacks, she made a conscious decision to leave the corporate world and stay home to raise her two sons.  Being an avid reader and having multiple interests she started writing for other people as a “Ghostwriter”.  She has written on a variety of subjects including:  technology, nutrition, raising children, weight issues, photography, social media, physical fitness, cooking, and inspirational coaching.  “I write for others in their words and voice, whatever the subject is it doesn’t matter, I just listen to their needs and become them”, Pearl explains.  

When not writing, Pearl loves to play tennis and cook.


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Wonderful Lemongrass Essential Oil

by Pearl Rothman •

When people hear the word “Lemongrass” they often think of some tasty Asian dish they had with a yummy lemony flavor and aroma but lemongrass is so much more than a cooking herb!  The Chinese have for centuries used... Continue reading →

Vetivert Essential Oil

by Pearl Rothman •

Vetivert (or sometimes called Vetiver or Khus Khus) is a fairly unknown essential oil in the west.  The oil comes from the Vetiveria Zizanoides plant which grows naturally in India, Java, Haiti and Tahiti.  The plant is a type... Continue reading →

The Fundamentals of Menopause

by Pearl Rothman •

For every woman, menopause is a natural condition that marks the end of menstruation.  Women are born with all their eggs in well, two baskets called ovaries.  Between the ages of 48 to 55, very few eggs (follicles) remain... Continue reading →

Heart Health

by Pearl Rothman •

Heart disease is the number one leading health hazard in America.  So keeping your heart healthy and knowing the risks factors you can control go along way to maintaining a healthy life.  The risk factors you can control are: ... Continue reading →

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