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Tom was born and raised in New Jersey near New York City. He obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree (High Honors) in Biology from Michigan State University. Tom worked briefly at the largest pharmaceutical research lab in the world (Frankfurt, Germany) and then at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine (New York City).  His life-long love of nature and the Pacific Ocean drew him west and he moved to beautiful Vancouver, Canada where he enjoyed some of the world's best downhill skiing, ocean kayaking and spectacular natural beauty.

Through a chance encounter in Vancouver he met Jim Bohlen, one of the founders of Greenpeace. Jim and his wife Marie owned a 30 acre farm on Denman Island (just NW of Vancouver) and invited Tom to live and work on The Greenpeace Experimental Farm where he became the co-director of the Food and Herb Garden for seven years. Tom also wrote the first organic food gardening column for a nearby newspaper.

For 40 years Tom has studied both unbiased scientific research and the time-tested wisdom (ethno-botany) of people around the world regarding their traditional use of local foods, plants and healthy lifestyles forming the foundation for life-long health. 

As a result of applying this knowledge, at age 63, Tom has not had a serious illness in 55 years, suffers from no diseases or painful health conditions, does not have to take any prescription drugs, eats plenty of delicious food daily and remains slim and healthy, with moderate exercise that does not include a gym. And no it’s not because he was blessed with great genes – both parents smoked, lacked exercise and did not follow a healthy diet plan.

Currently Tom lives seasonally in several tropical locations continuing to pursue his passion of helping others enjoy the benefits of great health through his writing and coaching.


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