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The Miracle of Rosehip Oil

by Robynn Lin •

I found my miracle in a bottle!!! It’s true! I’m talking about Rosehip Oil and boy did Mother Nature know what she was doing when she created those little rosehip seeds! The oil is extracted from the seeds of... Continue reading →

Apteka Naturel Television Interviews

by Neil Evans •

Neil Evans (Apteka Operations/Marketing) and Ed Grinblat (Apteka Sourcing/Manufacturing) were honored to join in on a panel hosted by notable Kathryn Raaker of " Born B464" television fame. The subject of the panel was "The issues surrounding men's aging."... Continue reading →

The Wonderful Secrets of Rosehip Oil

by Nikki Seay •

Rosehip is a variety of rose that has been used by mankind for hundreds of years. Rosehip is a variety of shrub that can grow to several feet in height and produces flowers that are known for their distinct... Continue reading →

Five Surprising Health Benefits of Frankincense Oil

by Annette McDermott •

Frankincense is known to be a substance worthy of kings and has been revered throughout the  centuries for its intoxicating scent and healing properties. Frankincense oil is made from the resin of the Olibanum tree (Boswellia) which is native... Continue reading →

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