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Vetivert Essential Oil

by Pearl Rothman •

Vetivert (or sometimes called Vetiver or Khus Khus) is a fairly unknown essential oil in the west.  The oil comes from the Vetiveria Zizanoides plant which grows naturally in India, Java, Haiti and Tahiti.  The plant is a type... Continue reading →

The Past and Present of Blue Chamomile Essential Oil

by Nikki Seay •

Blue Chamomile, also known as German Chamomile, has been used for its digestive healing properties since the beginning of the First Century. Early Egyptian physicians also gave Chamomile tea to patients who suffered from a fever. In addition, Egyptian... Continue reading →

Five Surprising Health Benefits of Frankincense Oil

by Annette McDermott •

Frankincense is known to be a substance worthy of kings and has been revered throughout the  centuries for its intoxicating scent and healing properties. Frankincense oil is made from the resin of the Olibanum tree (Boswellia) which is native... Continue reading →

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