About Lyoness...

Apteka Naturel is proud to be one of the early adopters of the Lyoness Loyalty Merchant network in the United States. We join great companies like Sears, Nautica, Gap.com, Lands' End, Hotel.com, Zales, Disney, and hundreds of other U. S. and international merchants, where you can shop online and receive these great benefits.

Lyoness' purpose is simple; with every purchase within the Lyoness Network you get cash back and a percentage of your purchase goes to Lyoness' Child and Family Foundation and it's "Greenfinity" eco-concious initiative.

Lyoness is an international shopping community, born in Vienna Austria more than nine years ago, now with about 2.5 million members and more than 600 employees. It has more than 30,000 merchants world wide...and you can shop at ANY of them and get cash back! Lyoness is expanding all over the world...and you will be able to shop nearly everywhere. Lyoness' U.S. headquarters is in the Empire State Building!

Going on a Vacation to Europe? Look up hotels in your city of interest on Google maps that accept Lyoness and get cash back. Or better yet, download the Lyoness App and find them in the palm of your hand.

Learn more about Lyoness.

If you'd like more information or would like to join Lyoness as a shopper (it's FREE), and receive cash-back on every purchase...including future purchases on Apteka Naturel, please call us at (866) APTEKA1 [(866) 278-3521] and ask for Lyoness registration or just press option "3."

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