“I really like using the Tamanu Oil in my hair. I dye my hair frequently, so it tends to get really dried out. I have actually gotten more compliments on my hair since I started using the oil, because it looks shinier and healthier! ” Mari E., Houston, TX
“I have to wake up early for work, and sometimes I work long days at the office. Ever since Iíve been taking Apteka Naturel Vitality, Iíve noticed an improvement in my energy and focus throughout the day. Iíve recommended this to all my coworkers! ” Lauren Y., Scottsdale, AZ
“I recently placed and order for your Rose Moroc and Sandalwood perfume oils. They arrived in a very timely fashion and I was so excited when I opened the package. Your products have exceeded every expectation. Not only do they smell wonderful w/o being overpowering, the scent is long lasting. My job as a server at a country club can be hot, sweaty work. It's nice to be able rest assured that the members will never complain about the way I smell! lol If you ever decide to carry a jasmine perfume, please let me know because I will want some of that, too. It means a lot to me to have a company I can count on for quality natural products. Those of us that shy away from chemical laden, mainstream health and beauty items are insanely grateful for like minded companies. ” Wendi W., Versailles, OH
“Tranquility Naturel is a serious life saver! Balancing work and school not to mention a social life can get extremely stressful and tiring at times. I needed something that would provide me with energy and mental focus without having to consume large amounts of caffeine, and Tranquility Naturel does just that.” Nadia D., Broomfield, CO
“I absolutely love the Rose Moroc Perfume Oil from Apteka Naturel! Not only does it have a beautiful floral rose scent that can be worn as a perfume, but it is moisturizing as well because it contains Jojoba oil, one of the most emollient of oils. Since it is certified organic, I feel good about putting it on my skin!” Jennifer F., Vancouver, BC
“As a mom of three, I struggled with losing the baby weight, especially after the third child. Apteka SlimFit is helping me shed the pounds and get my pre-baby body back! ” Mei-lin C., Bainbridge Island, WA
“Like many women, I color my hair. Two weeks ago I put an ombre in my hair (making hair go from dark to light) and the ends had to be bleached twice in one day! When my stylist was finished, the ends of my hair were so brittle, dry and damaged that I didn't know what to do. Even with salon quality conditioning, my hair was still a frizzy mess. This Argan Oil worked wonders on my hair! Since it is pure Argan Oil, it didn't have all those added chemicals and ingredients that were drying my hair out. It is really oily, but when applied properly, you won't want to stop using it! I'll have to post pictures sometime, because all of the frizz is completely gone and the ends of my hair look SO healthy! Even the split ends seemed to be diminished. The only slight downside to this product is that it is really oily & if you use too much you will just look greasy. Read how I used it below. FOR WOMEN WITH THIN HAIR: If you have thin hair, like me, only put the Argan Oil on the ends of your hair (go about 2 inches from the ends). If you put it on the top of your head or all over your hair, you will end up looking extremely oily. Since this is PURE Argan Oil, I had to dilute it a little. I put a drop (one small pump) into my hand, then I rubbed my hands together to disburse it and mixed it with a little bit of water (I ran my hands under the faucet for a second, then rubbed my hands again) and then applied it to the ends of my hair only. Overall, I LOVE this product, and it comes with so much in a bottle, that you will be set for a couple of months if you use it everyday! Great product.” Anon 21 , Boston, MA
“I was snowboarding on a powder day in the early season. I hit a rock and took a good size chunk out my shin. After it healed, I used Tamanu to help reduce the scarring.” Rory M., San Clemente, CA
“I just love your Argan Oil! I took a couple of pumps of the Apteka Argan Oil, massaged my scalp and ran it through my hair. One more pump and sort of coated the rest of my hair with my fingers and palms. Wrapped a towel around my hair for about 30 minutes, then shampood my hair as usual. It was unbelieveable. My hair had incredible body...like nothing before...my husband immediately commented...and normally notices nothing! :-) I told my hair dresser about it and she said she loves it and uses it on her clients in a similar way...Great stuff...thanks!” Diana R, Capo Beach, CA
“If you love our products, we'd love you to write us a testimonial!” Apteka Admin, Sunny Isles, FL
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