“Like many women, I color my hair. Two weeks ago I put an ombre in my hair (making hair go from dark to light) and the ends had to be bleached twice in one day! When my stylist was finished, the ends of my hair were so brittle, dry and damaged that I didn't know what to do. Even with salon quality conditioning, my hair was still a frizzy mess. This Argan Oil worked wonders on my hair! Since it is pure Argan Oil, it didn't have all those added chemicals and ingredients that were drying my hair out. It is really oily, but when applied properly, you won't want to stop using it! I'll have to post pictures sometime, because all of the frizz is completely gone and the ends of my hair look SO healthy! Even the split ends seemed to be diminished. The only slight downside to this product is that it is really oily & if you use too much you will just look greasy. Read how I used it below. FOR WOMEN WITH THIN HAIR: If you have thin hair, like me, only put the Argan Oil on the ends of your hair (go about 2 inches from the ends). If you put it on the top of your head or all over your hair, you will end up looking extremely oily. Since this is PURE Argan Oil, I had to dilute it a little. I put a drop (one small pump) into my hand, then I rubbed my hands together to disburse it and mixed it with a little bit of water (I ran my hands under the faucet for a second, then rubbed my hands again) and then applied it to the ends of my hair only. Overall, I LOVE this product, and it comes with so much in a bottle, that you will be set for a couple of months if you use it everyday! Great product.” Anon 21 , Boston, MA

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